The show must go on….

Due to technical difficulties the sun did not set today, just kidding, but I am changing my post due to a glitch in a card reader. 

The sun sets on another day and we of course have to consider how we progress through life. I had some interesting messages from people I did not expect to hear from today. A friend lost his job, a friend sent me a picture that opened a wound, and neither of those were as I expected. It is often that we go through life and life throws us a curve-ball. If you have not seen a curve-ball thrown before it is when you are sure the ball will go one way, and suddenly it goes somewhere completely different. In baseball this throws the batter off and he swings and misses. (Well sometimes he does not miss, sometimes he swings and nails the curve-ball through the roof)

When you are thrown a curve-ball in life it can be quite different. It can be wonderful and amazing or hurtful and painful, but it is hard to make life as you expect it. (Those who think they can decide their fate, will have a fun fate at some point) It is important with everything to remember the show must go on! Tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow may well be the day that let’s you nail that curve-ball and own it.

The “Alan Parsons Project” wrote a song that means a lot to me, it is fairly depressing in some ways, but it does point out that “Day after day, the show must go on”.  So as we pass into this wonderful night, remember that giving up is never an option. Even when faced with the impossible, love, passion, light, and life should always be on your mind. You should find the way to change if necessary, but never give up on yourself. At the end of the day you are the most important person in your life. Sounds simple, but people sometimes forget this and make poor decisions for everyone but themselves. (or worse, make poor sacrifices to make another persons sacrifices valid) Hearken to my words and live for you, for your creator, and for the fantastic life you deserve.

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