A race with a cardinal

The sun sets on another day…

As I was wandering by the beach looking at the snow and cold I looked to the car window and saw a cardinal pacing me. The cardinals red wings shone brightly in the sunlight and I considered how wonderful it was to have this beautiful bird facing the cold and adversity but enjoying every moment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all as carefree as that cardinal and only had to consider food and fun as our goals for the day. In this model we would not be burdened with the myriad of daily chores, problems, stresses and general goofiness that we deal with all the time.

Well, I do not see the day coming but I do see we can meet halfway. Perhaps we should take a lesson and spend more time looking at the necessities in life and less time focusing on the petty items we cannot change. Perhaps we should be thankful daily of those people who have the vision, understanding and love to move us forward and make our days complete. Perhaps we should take our moments and make each day the best possible day it can be. Perhaps we should the that person at our job that everyone knows wants to be a success. Perhaps each day we should grab onto love, and ride the wave of passion to tomorrow.

I hope you agree. There is no tomorrow until it is today, and as today becomes yesterday we only have ourselves to blame for anything we have missed.

So race with the cardinal, feel the wind flowing through your hair, love the moment and as the cardinal looks for its goal, lets also find ours and make it happiness for us, and others will soon follow by our example.

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