The sun sets on another day…

Cut me some slack, I took this picture at 70 miles per hours running down a highway, but the colors were unreal.

As we sit and look at our sunsets it is important to remember that no matter how close they may look, no two sunsets are the same, ever. It is interesting to consider that life, and people, are similar to those sunsets as no two people are the same, and no two lives are the same either. We are the sum of who we are in life, and as such, none of us have ever experienced the same things in their lives. We can listen, learn, and understand everything about someone else but we cannot ever say we really know how they feel exactly. (We just make a good guess based on ourselves)

Why does this matter? As you are sitting and considering your actions and reactions you really need to understand that people may not see the world as you do and may not understand your reactions to how they do or say things. When dealing with children, we must adapt to the child as they see the world differently even if they are raised in the same house. In a relationship you may understand your partner, or may have no clue where they are in life if their experience is different from yours. At work, each employee has a different hot button that will open their life up, and allow them to be more effective.

The common key for us all is to listen and at least try to understand. I may be wrong, but I feel I have had an advantage as I have had such a myriad of experiences, good and bad; have been awake longer than many people much older than me; and like to listen and learn always. I feel the most important aspect is listening, and we should do so all the time and hopefully see the point of whomever we are listening to at the moment. 

So pay attention, hug your child, encourage your employee or colleague, and love the person who loves you until our sunsets are no more.

Have an amazing night, after all, tomorrow is another day. 

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