A moment for TV?


As the sun sets on another day I consider what we do for our children again, and what would we do for our children?

Today’s sunset was amazing and before the sunset I had watched a show called “Criminal Minds”  with a friend and we discussed the episode we had watched. In the episode a son had been crippled by his father in a car accident and was having more than a few issues. In the episode he killed, and his parents accepted this, allowed this, empowered this and assisted in the disposal of the bodies. The mother actually engaged in not only allowing but encouraging the behavior.

This was probably based on a true story but consider, is it that far fetched? How many parents have you seen empowering children far beyond necessity? (Or my opinion of necessity) Some parents give everything to their child but do not prepare them for a life where they are no longer in it. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I do this as well, but where do we draw the line? Do we draw it at where we empower our own lives, or are our lives forfeit the moment we have a child? Do we draw the line at murder or some other commandments, or is there no line that is beyond the vision of a parents sacrifice for a child?

In the end of the show the parents were both dead, how does the man now live with his lack of conscience and his misunderstanding of the world?

In my opinion, at the point we have to question right and wrong paths, we need to be very careful how we approach our children lest we make a mistake on either side that ends our lives (figuratively) or theirs (Figuratively). As parents we in theory have wisdom, so we should let them know that we too grow and guide them with the knowledge we learn lest we allow them to repeat our mistakes for all time.

Then again, we could give everything and just hope they make it through.

Anyway, if you get a  change check out the episode “A Family Affair” if you dare, Made me think, perhaps it will you are well. Enjoy the night and every moment in between.




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