Rhythm of the sunset…


Eeek, the first pass of this post was done in the car while driving in a windstorm and was not as rhythmic as I had hoped. I hope the edit works better….

The Sun sets on another day..

In the movie Fled years ago the statement was made by Laurence Fishburne that everything in life has a rhythm. I believe this is true. For every day as we walk through our lives there is a rhythm to our heartbeat, a rhythm to our walk, a rhythm to our speech, there is even a rhythm to how we interact with different people.

In the world we also see rhythms. There are rhythms in the weather, rhythms in the animals around us and of course rhythms in the Sun rise and Sunsets. It is probably harder to imagine a life without rhythm than to list all of the things that are rhythmic.

In a relationship rhythm is even more important. Our moods and our very lives eb and flow and it is up to us to pay attention to the person we are with in a relationship. As  mood rhythms go up  or fall down we should be diligent and help the ups to be higher, and the lows far less low.

So as the Sun sets on another day watch for the rhythms all around you and pay attention. A watchful eye may not only help our lives to be better but can help the lives of those people around us. In the process perhaps we should listen to a little music and pay attention to that rhythm is well. Maybe listen to a little bass guitar, and enjoy the moments.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live every moment like it was your last, and dance the night away..j

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