The senses and the sunset…

The sun sets on another day…

It is funny how I am going to talk about smell while considering a sunset, or is it?

We often consider a sunset to be a spectacle of light, but it isn’t. It is a spectacle of the senses. If you close your eyes in the sunset you can feel the sun shift, and the wind change as the sunlight ebbs and the air cools before you. Your skin will feel the difference. So to will the wind change and the air become a little more crisp, even in the dead heat of summer. If you are in a city, the sounds may change,and you will know the sun is going down, even just by the closing in of a muffled thundering silence that somehow is part of the night.

Our senses are pretty cool if we pay attention. They bathe us in information and if we listen, can walk us towards passion.

As we interact with people so too should we pay attention far beyond sight. It is not the beauty of a person that makes the impression, but also the sound, smell and touch that ignite our passions,and give us the picture of who a person truly is in life. True, actions speak loudly as well, but our first impression is usually based on our senses.

So as the sun sets on another day, and during that glorious shift between day and night, take a moment and close your eyes. and see more than just the colors, but let your other senses have a turn just for a second and when meeting new people, pay attention to them as well.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your way to happiness, each and every day…

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