Wouldn’t it be nice…

Passion is more than just a word. Passion gives us the ability to think, to react, to enable change, to find our way to work, and to love other people. Without passion science would falter, medicine would be no more and candy stores would be bereft of candy. (Oh no)

Ever think of it that way?

People in life have many different levels of passion. Some people are passionate about every day and want to make the day special, some ¬†people think about the week, the month, the year, but all have a passion for something, even if it is watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and eating Cheetos. Then you have someone like me, who tries to milk every instant of life out of every instant of life, scary huh?


In life, our sunrises and sunsets are pretty much the only thing we can count on (Well maybe on our fingers and toes as well). Why can’t we count on passion? Why isn’t there that one person or even two or three that are at the same passion level we are? Wait a second, I bet there is. All I am saying in this treatise that could easily be a thousand pages, is that we need to look closely at that when we are looking at our lives and find someone who will match our passion, and feel with us, and not overrun us with their passion or under-run us with their complacency.

So as the sun sets on another day, if you are dating, find that person who feels all the passion you do, grab on to them, hold on, and make every day of life a wonderful expression of who you both are together and separate. If you are with someone, try to be as passionate as they are and work together to find the passion you both deserve, no matter what. Most importantly, when you can show someone how you feel, don’t hold back, do so and make their moment as special as it can be.

Sleep sweet, love life, hug someone special, and make every day the wonderful day it was meant to be….

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