A lesson in control

The sun sets on another day…

Yesterday as my arm dangled helplessly in front of me I thought about control a lot.┬áIt is funny how so many people feel hey are in control. In control of their lives, other peoples lives and a host of items that can make a person’s head spin like a runaway top. It is very rare we really have control of very much but ourselves. Controlling people is about as effective as controlling the sunset, now matter how hard you try, life goes on.

Don’t fret, influence is another thing entirely and if we influence in a positive manner perhaps we will see positive results in the world. We can all move in a positive direction if we just remember to stay look at the bright side of every coin and skip the dark side, or better, eliminate it from our lives. Let go of your illusions and live your life well, enjoy each moment and we will all find people to enjoy the moment with us.

So as the sun sets on another day lets let our illusions of control go, and live our lives the best we can and have hope others come along for the ride.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wish upon a bright star, someone will be wishing on it with you…

(Oh, and I am OK the cat is out of the box)

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