Dead or’re reading with me….

The sun sets on another day…

Today I am not writing this post, I wrote it Thursday night, and set it to post tomorrow so it would seem like today but it was actually done yesterday. At some point today I was in the deep sleep that only anesthetic brings. Hopefully a deep peace will come over me and I will be happy and fulfilled and my arm will be repaired. Funny huh? Right now I am a literal Schrodinger’s Cat, existing in a vaporous state until I post again tomorrow or have enough presence of mind to do so later tonight. Fun huh?

As the sun sets tonight, and this post is set to be at exactly sunset (No more virtual time travel talk it will give us a headache), let’s be thankful. Thankful for those people who make our lives

better, who have enlightened our past, who have opened our mind, who have taught us a trust, who have made us whole, who we have kissed, who have kissed us, and who we will someday hold with the passion of a thousand suns. Be thankful for those people you serve, and who have served us, be thankful for those that made you a good deal, and those you gave a good deal. Be thankful for those people who made you stronger by their negativity, and those that made you stronger by your positivity. Be thankful for hugs, because they are awesome, and people you can believe in, when there is nothing else to believe in. Be thankful for your religion and the beliefs you hold, and thankful for the future that will come to us all.

Today is a new day, yesterday is gone and now as I exist in this box, no matter what I am thankful for all of you. The thousand or so people who are here a lot, the hundreds that come each day, and the millions (scary huh) that have visited this site to share a sunset.

For all of us, be thankful for the sunrise which bathes us in its warmth and gives us hope for each day, and thankful for the sunset, which closes our day and reminds us there is beauty in everything.

Passion is everything, if you don’t feel it, find it, if you do feel it, find some more, but in the end, believe in yourself.

Sleep sweet, love life, believe in the truth and be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause…

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