The sun sets on another day…

Hidden but not hidden by the clouds the sun worked its way out into our lives as it set on another fun and spectacular day! The hues were warm and bright, and in the end, there was no doubt that we were to be amazed by colors and light, and given peace.

It is amazing (and spectacular) when you meet someone and they are vibrant and alive.It is even more amazing when those people are engaged and try to make a good situation out of any situation. I implore anyone and everyone who is readying to take a moment and consider new people when you are out as they may well be the ones who open up new light and warmth to the world. There is a lot of talk about millennials today and how different they are but I met one today that was driven and passionate about the world and was engaged in conversation, not the pradle of semi-social technology.

So as the sun sets on another day, spend the time to know and meet people, and hope for the best, in the end we are social creatures and need to feel it. To the young man I met, keep pushing for the stars, and reaching those goals you know you can reach and striving for the ones that everyone says you cannot.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it, truly live it…

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