Spiritual journeys…

Photo by M. Beinivides

The sun sets on another day…

You know, the sun has been worshiped in a lot of cultures just because it is there, and always dependable, rising and setting and being far more imposing than any other item we face. Or something like that. We all go through our own spiritual journeys in life, and understand what we understand, do what we think is right, have passion, and find a way and for some reason it is not always as dependable.

I read a quote once and finally found it that said “In the beginning we seek truth. In the middle we seek reason. In the end we seek peace.” (LM Browning) and I agree with this quote for most people, but would’t it be a more fulfilling life if we sought truth through our passion to know, seek reason for our passion to understand, and seek peace for our passion to be free. Perhaps we can even take it further and put all these into one, should’t we seek the best and most powerful for all people including ourselves through the moderating deployment of our passion for the world? Is that so hard? Is it so hard to say I am passionate about X each and every day and will work to show it and be true to myself? As in “I am passionate about TRUTH each and every day and will endeavor to find and be a part of truth always” How about “I am passionate about “insert your favorite name here” each and every day and there will never be a day they doubt my passion for them”? Is that too much to ask? Should we abolish the words, “I was passionate yesterday, so its not that big of a deal that I am not today.”?

As we seek out our spiritual journey perhaps we need to spend some time looking deep into what we are passionate about, and determine our journey that is right for us, because as the sun rises and sun sets, it is predictable. We are not. We are an interesting race guided by a series of electrical impulses that are as diverse as the sky is endless. I digress.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider where you are going in life. Not just as a physical being, but where your mind is spiritually, where you want it to be, and how you want to get there, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dream of enlightenment and make it real, and love life each morning when you awaken with fresh eyes…

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