No room for darkness…


The sun sets on another day…

As the sun lines up to set today I look at the beautiful day it has become. Where this morning storm crowded the area, now pure sky and wonderful sunlight bathes us in its glow. As is always the sun won out and the darkness was dispelled.

I am an avid reader. Seems silly to say this, but I wanted to start there. There is a series of books by Ursula K Le Guin called “The Earthsea Trilogy” that came out around the same times as Lord of the rings and are of a similar nature. Although I have read both (That reads as “nerd”) I always preferred Earthsea because it focused on the constant battle between light and darkness and was very pointed on how we could all overcome darkness, by being part of the light. (Now I can pause for anyone who has read Earthsea and let them laugh at the mass oversimplification)

More so, the series points out how we must overcome the darkness within ourselves to be a part of the light, and in the process personifies darkness in many forms. As happens in the book, embracing darkness can leave deep scars, but I have a simple solution for it all, I simply do not have time for the darkness. I suggest tonight that we all consider the same. The world can close down on us, the storms rage, but we have a choice to overcome this each and every day and we all have the power to do so. Instead of worrying about what is wrong, it is time to focus on what is right, and build upon that. Now, we cannot eliminate the darkness, but we can move past it. Le Guin states in one of her books “When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow” and it is true, as you become a light the shadow is there as well, but we can all choose to move past it and set the shadow aside, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets pay attention to ourselves and be the brightest light we can be and show all those around us how great life can be. I have a friend who is doing that now, walking more and more, becoming more and more healthy, and showing everyone they too can do it if they believe. We should all find that thing we can do, and show the world that everyone can be better, each and every day.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the sunset, and laugh a lot tonight, it’s fun!

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