Converging divergence….

The sun sets on another day…

 t is funny when you talk to people and cannot see their point of view, or they yours. Funny strange at least, not necessarily ha ha. Sometimes we are complete reflections of each other, and do not easily understand others, but if we truly tried we would realize we are all part of the same group, all understanding from similar, but diverging points of view. In some religions it is believed that one opinion could not exist without the other, that the opposites are truly complementary and interdependent. (Don’t tell political people that, they may argue with you for hours) Anyway, the point is we can coexist and see beyond our opinions and understand others opinions if we try to see beyond our views and open our minds to new possibilities. 

I was discussing with a close friend a recent opportunity I will have and it was suggested I try new things, and as I considered I realized that I am always trying new things for the very reason that was suggested, I want to learn, and to grow every day, not be lost in a moment with an opinion that never sees further than me. It was a good observation and I challenge everyone to try to see beyond their comfort level and see something new, something exciting, and then make it happen.

So as the sun sets on another day, try, just try, to embrace all opinions, to understand the ununderstandable (good word huh) and converge with those people you normally diverge from as part of knowing a way to happiness. (Well, it sounds good at least)

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moments, and live life with passion that only you can understand, then share it, no matter what…


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