Sense of urgency…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun is neither urgent nor of slow gait as it crosses the daytime sky. It simply passes over our heads and on to sunset knowing tomorrow will be there.

It is my opinion and of course the core of this site that we are not so lucky. Each day we have the opportunity to do as much as possible in our lives and hopefully be happy along the way. Some people approach each day with urgency, and some people with a lock of urgency. The question of the day is, is there anything we really should approach with a lack of urgency? In fact, if we approach days without urgency are we cheating ourselves? Maybe or maybe not.

I tend to lean towards the urgency side simply because the lack of urgency side always seems to be fraught with issues. Each time I have approached something from a more nonchalant view, I have caused myself more issue that those things I have approached with urgency. Even the failures I have had with urgency, move forward quickly, and are soon in the past. Of course some things translate urgency into some caution and seem like they are not as urgent, but in reality they are just as urgent as those items in the focus.

In life, why not press. In relationships, why do things half way, in family, why wait, with most things the “why” is usually leaning towards urgency and not towards waiting.

So as the sun sets on another day. Consider a kiss. Is the passion and attraction something that is slow and savory, or urgent and necessary. It can work either way, but without urgency it may never begin. Consider all the things in your life, what should wait and what should move forward, then decide how to make those things that are urgent, the things that get done in an urgent manner, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, and enjoy your moments, each and every one…




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