Forever falling…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun is always going rising and setting but it is the earth that is forever rotating and falling in the gravitational pull of the sun. “Surfing” in the gravitational “wave” and passing through the universe one moment at a time.

For us, falling is something we embrace or avoid depending on who we are and how we react to fear. There are those that are so afraid they cannot engage many activities because they feel it is a danger, or worse think others should hide from life because it is scary. Then there are those that embrace their fear and overcome it, learning something new by every experience, and enjoying the moments as they can. There are also those that over embrace, and ride the edge, pushing too far, too fast, or maybe not?

Of course there are variations of each. The point is we should all be using balance and riding that edge between danger and safe so as to live a full life, and to live a fairly safe life. Do new things, but don’t go all out. A good example, I tried to paddle-board and found that giant top-heavy bodies are not as good at paddle-boarding, but I did get to knee-board and learn that I am not built well for surfing. (But maybe you are, so try it)

So, as the sun sets on another day, don’t walk away from risk, but instead accept what risk you can to live a more fulfilled life, a fun life, and maybe a happy life. Never let fear get in the way, but don’t ignore it either unless it is a fear that should be ignored. Pay attention to others and yourself, and be forever falling into happiness, excitement, and maybe the water if you are surfing!

Sleep sweet, , be happy, and enjoy your moments like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow it will be today….

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