Shadows of light…

The sun sets on another day…

I was torn tonight. I had several pictures to consider, and several thoughts rolling around in my mind.

Sometimes that is how we approach life, full of ideas and pictures of how the world is this moment, or how it was, or even will be. We all have pictures in our mind and try to relay those into some semblance of reality. With me, however, I have pictures I can share, and today, a vision.

What you see here is a simple flower, but a flower lit by ultimate light, and in the process it is not so perfect, as the casual observer might see. Instead the perfect imperfections come but while the shadows of the light pull in the details others would miss. I like this picture.

In life, we are sometimes lit in a more prevalent way.  Our perfect imperfections stand out as well. Those things that we try to hide come forward and the world seems to have a clear view of us all, and is that so bad? It can sometimes be OK to be seen by all, with little to hide, and in the process the shadows of light can give us a clear view of the world, as the world gets a clear view of us. It sounds good at least.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that there are imperfections that abound in the world, and the light shows those imperfections clearly, but as in the case of this small picture, sometimes the light can show us a picture that is actually imperfectly pretty, and maybe we can learn from that. Maybe we can learn and know that perfection is not necessary for beauty, and the easy tasks in life really are easy. Maybe we can learn to live with who we are and find a path to happiness, no matter what. By the way, if you are perfect, great! Help everyone else feel perfect too!

Sleep sweet, be who you are, and laugh the night away…

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