It’s in the streets….

The sun sets on another day…

Today I had the privilege to meet a plethora of new people. (Say that three times real fast)

It was a good discussion with a very intelligent person as I waited in the small picnic, and as I listened I was reminded of my father for a short time. You see, the person I was speaking to was a pastor, and as we spoke her way of approaching her church reminded me of the approach my father had to life. The church is not just in the church, it is in the streets. Isn’t that true for any fellowship?

As you have probably guessed I try to keep 29000 sunsets fairly non denominational. The topics are focused on how we approach the world, and focused on near daily interactions with wonderful people around the area, the country, and the world. The reason I do this is so many people see religion as a whole as an instant negative. I can only say, OK, and move on.

So, as I discussed concept and ideas and a variety of topics today I knew my father was right: fellowship is in the streets. If you have a good idea, a bad idea, or an indifferent idea, but you have an idea, it is not something that should be bottled up and set in a corner, it is something that needs to be shared. When you understand that people need to be helped, entertained, amused, or other enlightenment, locking that concept inside of your home or business is stagnant. Instead, spread the good word and get out there and make it right. Let people understand you, or your point of view, and take the time to make the world at least see your talent or opinion. 

I have a friend that I am always very proud of. They find their way into a variety of civic items, but are never pushy or over the top. Next week they will be playing drums for a large group of people and laughing all the way. In their way they are not only reaching people, but making them smile.

I have found that is a solution for many things in life. Skip the problems and address the issue with humor, and life is just peachy. The world only a laugh away, a smile that makes the day the best it can be.

As for today’s discussion, I find I may visit this little pastor and listen, and maybe learn. There are a lot of days in your life, hopefully at least 29000, every one is worth being a new adventure.

So as the sun sets on another day. Listen, learn, be a part, but when you find you have something that simply must be shared, don’t share it with yourself, take it to the streets and make the world a better place, one step at a time, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dream of great things, and make them happen when you wake…

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