Accomplishing anything…

The sunsets on another day…

Today was a great day, but not how I had planned it. I woke with a plan of going out to the lake, throwing the boat in gear, and creating a serious wake. (Woke wanting a wake)

The wind was a little over the top, creating waves that I did not want to be over the top, so instead today was a project day.

Projects can be fun, projects can be challenging, and projects can be frustrating or a little over the top. Today was a series of all of the above as cabinets were painted, and slowly a room came together, well, mostly. There is still work to do.

It is funny how a project can affect people. It can make them into different people as the tension taxes their minds and potentially their bodies. I know my old body was a little taxed today as I painted, but how do you handle projects. Do you see them as a light at the end of a tunnel, or the train rolling down upon you to end it all? Do we approach life the same way, as life is an ongoing project with an ongoing conclusion, and a series of wonderful events that can be challenging, and projects can be frustrating or a little over the top. Maybe the best way is as we tackled things today, as a team, split with a common goal and finding a way to a solution. Maybe the world would be a better place if we would drop our uninformed opinions and split up our issues and work towards a common goal. In my opinion it is a good thought. After all, alone we can all accomplish much, but together, we can accomplish anything!

So as the sun sets on another day each day as a project and work towards a solution, making every day the best day ever by working together to make today the best day ever. At worst, if you cannot make today the best day ever for everyone, make it your best day ever and work towards tomorrow as a better day for us all. For me, there are still some cabinets to paint, and miles to go before we sleep. 

Sleep sweet, laugh well, and consider your life as the greatest project ever….

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