What a feeling…

The sun sets on another day…

I know I know, movies are movies, and reality is reality. I find though that inspiration can be found in movies all of the time as they tend to explore how we are in life and cover the issues we never considered as important, until we were in the middle of them. This is true of some TV as well. It helps us cope with concepts and ideas in a different way by maybe opening our minds a little, maybe even closing them a little.

So I considered today the depth of so many movies and thought about the musical, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. Yeah, it is a musical, but it shows people so much if they let it. All they have to do is open up for a moment and let the feeling in. In the movie, Molly is driven by everything except true love. She sees the sparkle and glitz of travel, of money, of a new house, new cars, being in Denver and part of the elite, and in the process she misses out on the guy right next to her, Johnny. You would like to think that everything is OK, but as you pay attention you have to see that the world meant nothing in the end, and he had it all figured out. As she took her ring off the inscription inside made a world of sense, “Always remember two things I love you and the name of the bank.”

It finally dawned on Molly in the movie that the world was not about the house, the car, education, being on the Titanic, or being seen as the best of anything, it was about the love a man had for a woman, and she kept missing it. In this movie at least, the man constantly gives in to the woman, hoping she will see the light, and it took the almost loss of him for her to realize nothing was important but the two of them.


So in your relationship, is that how it is? Are you willing to live in a box together, or do you need a mansion? Are you willing to eat beans and burgers, or do you need caviar, is the person you with the love of your life, or just part of your life that goes on, is every moment a celebration of passion and excitement, or what is on channel 18? Is your life a challenge of mental stimulation, or are you wondering why he/she is picking their toes?


So as the sun sets on another day, what did you do to make the person you are with understand the depth of your passion, and what did the person you are with do to rock your world? If there are limits, they are not imposed by who you are, they are imposed by who you want to be. Every excuse is an excuse keeping you from having fun and being as happy as you can be, and every moment lost is one step towards not being able to experience the excitement you should. I think everyone needs to find their way to the greatest moments in their lives every day, and always remember,¬†“… two things I love you and the name of the bank.”

¬†Sleep sweet, love life, and smile a little, for the fun of it…

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