So what are you doing…

The sun sets on another day…

The remnants of Cindy buffet us, even as far north as we are, and we see the waves of clouds that were once a powerful storm shredded by the wind and sun. It is quite the show right now, and tomorrow will be a more than pleasant day as we welcome sunny skies for a terrific weekend.

You know, sometimes we get calls and the first question that is asked is “What are you doing?” I usually laugh and say, “Talking to you on the phone!” then step to the side and think about all of the things I might be doing if I were not talking on the phone at that very moment. It is a good question to ask though. I find I want to ask many people that daily as I wander this road called life. In the end I know it is not really my place to ask, so I suggest you, (or they) ask themselves that selfsame question, “What are you doing?”

Now why would I think that? Well, if you consider 29000sunsets and believe you may only have 29000 sunsets plus or minus, in life, how many do you miss for the sake of nothing? There are always things that have to be, but there need to be things that should be, and things that need to be, and sometimes just things that we want to be. Life without some pause is less than life, it is almost a sentence. 

I went down this path because I saw a graphic today on a social media board that said “There has to be more to live than going to work, coming home, and dying” and thought, “Wow, that is a bit depressing” but as I considered it I know a lot of people that can’t see past what they think are their responsibilities. Those are the people that go to work, come home, slave over a stove or work on a project, fall asleep, and just repeat until they finally wear out and die. The question is, “What are you doing?”

I think you should find the time to explore your passion, find the time to enjoy some time in life, even if it is only a Slice of Passion and you cannot do it all the time, realize there are ups and downs in life and that you deserve some ups with the mundane moments that sometimes try to capture us all. (and didya like the shameless plug, lol) Find even a moment to be you or maybe more than you.

So at this time please take a deep breathe, exhale and let all the bad stuff out, and find the fortitude to see past the middle ground. In that moments let’s all find that higher ground, then make it happen. (After you finish reading of course)

So as the sun sets on another day, we are not meant to just exist, we are meant to live. We are not slaves to our jobs, our tasks, our children, or anything else. We need to show everyone that life is more than a tick tock task that takes up time. (Say that three times real fast) It is time to take the high road, experience passion, experience life, and truly find a way to live it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love often, and giggle when the moment calls for it…




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