A question of why…

The sun sets on another day…

We are often caught in a moment between moments. It is like twilight where the sun is setting and colors are exploding across the land fighting for every last instant of light and night, where the cool breeze and glimmering starlight cab open our minds to new possibilities, and embrace us with its ebony folds. Decisions are often caught in that time, with a question only of which way they will tip, to the light, or to the dark.

This is easier said than understood, but as you look at it, the light and dark is even a question. One man’s journey into the light is another man’s deep darkness and those considerations make the world seem like a constant merry go round of conflict. As you walk into a decision and are wondering which way to go, you have to ask yourself the “question of why”.

So why do you make the decisions you make? What drives you towards your ultimate goals, if it something easy or something far from easy? These questions seem simple but I find that if you actually ask why, people either say, “I don’t know” or if they are a parent they often say, “Because I said so”. It is much easier to consider the why if you look at yourself in the mirror and say “I do things because I…” and fill in the blank. If you, for example, say “I do things because I want to be happy”, your decisions may be based on ways of being happy, getting happy, or finding ways to feel more effectively. If you answer is I do things because I want to be liked” there will be a different set of decisions and maybe a different approach to everything. The worst in my opinion is “I do thing because I am afraid of x” then you make bad decisions, because being afraid has a tendency to push people away from the truth. Fear of anything is a motivator towards disaster, not just in my opinion but in practice. (There are dozens of things I have written on fear, mainly because I think fear is a waste of brain energy, my opinion only)

For many people the “why” is very complex. People do things for their children because they had a rough time, never realizing that the rough time they had is what made them good people, and not giving their children the capability to do the same. (Say that in a room and it will be a good debate). The why can be a series of events like “why do I write?” and the answer is a series of deep discussions revolving around leaving something for my children and seeing beyond the moment and trying to make some small difference. (Inside there is a little of “it’s fun” as well). The complexity really needs to be set aside so people can just move forward. Ask yourself “Why do I…” and if it is good, go with it, if not, find a step in another direction.

So as the sun sets on another day, “why” is a really good word if you ask yourself. Don’t ask others unless you really want to hear the answer as sometimes it is not what you may expect. Find your why and find your way to being happy each and every day. Remember, there is a why for everything, and only you need to truly know why. Once you find it, make good choices, and find a way to be happy each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy sunsets, and have some ice cream, just because…

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