The sun sets on another day…

I really think it is hard to outdo the light show the sun puts on every morning, and every night. We try though and around this time of year you see the sky light up with amazing displays of fire in the form of exciting entertainment. For children there can be no better fun than seeing the amazing light show of fireworks.

A long time ago I wanted people to have fun with it all. I had a great neighborhood, and a lot of kids in the area were full of wonder and amazement. It was before the plethora of games and phones pulled people away, and one particular fourth of July I spent a little money, and tried to make a good show for everyone who came.

Lighting the fuses of dozens of different fireworks was both exhilarating and exciting but seeing the smiles and laughs and happy faces was even more so. The neighborhood was one of thousands upon thousands, but for a short time there was fun, there was happiness, and there were a few moments that showed kids something better, and that something was each other. This memory is in a special place in my mind as I too felt happy that day.

Why the emotional overview? We have an opportunity each day to enjoy our lives and make them the best ever. Today’s fun challenge is to find something as exciting as a neighborhood fireworks show, and make it happen. Perhaps a barbecue, perhaps a discussion, maybe even a parade, but anything that can open the hearts and minds of those around you, and maybe open yours a little more. Perhaps a moment like the one I described made a difference, perhaps not, but in the end at least I tried, and we all should try to make things a little better.

I was reminded today by a friendĀ of how difficult the world has become, but each sunset is still a moment that can be an adventure, and perhaps we just need a minute to go the extra mile for ourselves and make a difference, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, maybe it is time to become something a little more. Maybe you need to reach out and make a difference (maybe not, I know I know) but perhaps it is time to touch the world around you in a different way. (No bad jokes please) Fire up your heart and do for you, but if you can, do for others too and make the world a better place, even if it is a simple fireworks display.

Sleep sweet, never forget, and love life….

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