A moment of karma…

The sun sets on another day…

I have to start this rather karmic post with “I don’t believe in karma” then I have to remember that not everyone even knows what karma is, so here we go. Karma is when you do something, and it comes back to you. Like if you hit someone with a tree, you would get hit with a tree. In the book 2150 by Thea Alexander it simplifies that if you cause someone pain, you will suffer it. In most peoples case we have “If you treat me like poop, someday you will get yours” or even the elusive and ever popular “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” that usually exists in places that have lots of people who are blind and have no teeth.

In reality, the key here is more monumentally funny that awe inspiring as someone a long time ago probably thought, “hey, if I tell people that there is this thing called karma, maybe they will be nice to people instead of mean”. I cannot discount though the possible existence of karma, as it appears I have seen it in action, well, maybe. 

The idea is valid as the sun rises and sets, and as it goes around, it comes around again. A never ending cycle of life is initiated by the sunrise and sunset, and it makes sense that the idea of circular everything would make sens e to people (but I like my theory as well).

My favorite thought of karma is “The funny thing about karma is people never realize it is happening to them, but everyone else does.”

I have found over the years it is just easier to be straight and move on. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a proponent of rushing out and saying how good or bad I have been, and I don’t suggest the same for any of you, but I am a proponent of trying to be good to people. I made some thought changes over my life and the words “no matter what” will echo in my mind for a long time. To me, the idea of “no matter what” is one of the biggest promises. A statement that a person will be there “no matter what”, that the mail will come “no matter what”, that a mother will love a child “no matter what”, or that a friend will be a friend “no matter what” says more than just words unless to that person they are just words. 

I have been faced with a few people who have made promises “no matter what” and in both cases I did my best to fulfill my promises after that “no matter what” was broken. At the same time, I have some friends that will honestly be there “no matter what” and those friends are timeless. Who are you? Are you the person who discards their friends and hides or are you the friend who is there, no matter what, even in the face of adversity? Are you the person who tries to stay true to your word until you absolutely cannot, or the person whose word is not so hot.

Hmm, I think it is easier just to be nice and have anything that would come back to you, be nice. Leave all the lies and silliness at the door and instead focus on whooha I will make everyone’s world great, and maybe I will have a great world. Maybe, I am still hoping.

So as the sun sets on another day, what is the measure of karma that I don’t believe in? Well it appears that karma is sitting alone watching a sunset, knowing someday that maybe there will be someone to watch it with. Take a moment and be nice when no one thinks you should. Don’t slap someone when they deserve it. Take a step back when you are threatened and maybe the person will do themselves in, and maybe, just maybe, live life as good as you can, and maybe it will come back even better. It is a nice thought, but I hope if you are the happiest you can be, even when things aren’t perfect, one day they will be, no matter what. (see what I did there?)

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh at karma because sometimes when the bully trips on the rake, it is really funny….


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