Behind the silence…

The sun sets on another day…

Sometimes the clouds hide an amazing sunset. and only those who look will see it or even consider it is there. Sometimes the clouds are the only thing that we can see, and still there is a thundering silence behind that calls out as clearly as the shouting person.

I was reminded today by a friend that in life we always seem to see a lot of words behind silence. Sometimes it is evident, sometimes it is not, but the silence does not mean consent, nor does it mean acquiescence or acceptance. Sometimes the silence speaks volumes that only a patient person can understand. It would be easy if people always said what they though and determined a solid path before walking down a not so solid path. It would be easy if people could see past the silence and sometimes the words and know what a person is feeling or going through.

A very good friend once told me when we were being quiet that whoever talks first loses, but I think in any situation where one side or another shuts down, both people lose. Remember that communication is always a two way street, and being silent may serve your needs but someday, sometime you have to clear the air.

It will not surprise you that I was not always a good person. I truly believe that to be a good person you have to understand the bad, and I have had bad times. I used silence as a weapon, and I was wrong. I spent a lot of time finding the people I had hurt, and letting them know I was wrong, and trying to make it right. My point is, I tried, but I should have spoke my mind at the time. I should have said what I felt and moved in the right direction without lashing out with weaponized silence, and letting people think what they will, for that is the most awful pain imaginable. Some time late rin my life I got a taste of the other side, and no matter what, no matter how I tried, I was fed silence, and disdain, until I thought it would rend my soul in pieces. I survived.

For those I hurt, I truly tried to find all of you, and make peace, or at least let you know that I did not see the world the way that it was in reality. For those that hurt me, with silence or more, it is ok, someday you will sit where I sat, and find that the path you took was not the best path, and that the world can be far more brutal than me, and that to forgive all wounds requires more than just time, but action, and some type of penance.

My opinion, I could be wrong.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think we all need to set aside the silence and break free. Don’t hide sadness behind happy words or be silent when the earth is shattering you. Find a way to be happy and let others feel hat happiness. Find a way to be the best person you can be, and be honest about it not to anyone more than yourself. Make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, overcome the silence, and be more to yourself each and every day….


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