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The sun sets on another day…

The sun passes over and over and at some point passes every single millimeter of our planet. No doubt, it has literally “been there, done that.”

It is funny as we grow older many people can say those exact words, “been there, done that” but have they? It is quite amazing that some people have done a lot, but have they “been there done that” with everything? The question rings in my mind specifically as I see all sorts of people heading overseas to visit countries they thought they wanted to visit, and in the process they find that things are great, and wonderful but clearly see only a fraction of the country. Actually, the more finite you get the more chance you can say, “been there done that”, but even then timing can change everything.

So who cares, right?

In my opinion if we are going to have a reasonable discussion we can’t just say we have “been there an done that” if we do not get finite enough to make sure we actually have “been there and done that”. The world is just too big. So if you say you have traveled the world, you cannot say you have “been there done that” unless you have been everywhere. If you have fallen in love, you have not “been there and done that” unless you have fallen in love with everyone, right? You cannot say you have understand everyone unless you have talked to all the people on the planet. The point is, we end up so in to what we think we know, that we miss the experience of knowing.

I know quite a few people who avoid a list of things, and they all have terrific sounding reasons for doing so mostly because the have “been there , done that”. They avoid leaving the state, going into water, and doing general stuff because they feel they have “been there done that”, never knowing that one thing may not be like the other. Maybe we need to change our line of thinking to, “I will try it again” or “I’ll do anything twice” or maybe something else. Maybe we need to take it to the next level, and find a way to look at more. Right? In my opinion life is meant to be experienced, not just passed through.

So as the sun sets on another day, why not pass on the “been there done that” days, and instead let every day be an adventure. After all, even the same old thing might be different in a moment and open your eyes to something amazing. Live for amazing, and make every day just that, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it to the moon and back…

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