A roll of the dice…

The sun sets on another day…

Today is an icky day. It is wet, rainy, yucky, gloomy, sickly, and for the most part pretty blech. (A nice word that doesn’t really exist but it sounds good) I know the sun is setting high above me about right now, but I cannot see it. Instead I see flashes of color and light as lightning dances across the sky. So it is, and so it will be tonight, but tomorrow is another day (Yes Scarlet, we give a damn) and tomorrow may be the best most beautiful day ever with a sunset that is simply awe inspiring, or it might not. In truth, weather is a roll of the dice. (don’t tell the weatherman)

We each face decisions every day that make our lives face the same. There are those days that we find ourselves lost in a moment that is dark and dismal, and those days that the light seems to shine on us as though we had stock in EverReady. In the end we cannot control how our days turn out, but we can control how we react to those days, and in the end we can make every day more beautiful if we just take the time to try. Sound rough? It really is not.We can face life and let it get us down, but why? Is there anything in our life that we cannot make better tomorrow? For that matter, is there anything that can truly knock us down. Each day we face trials but we have the ability to rise above. It often makes me laugh when I see people that give up, and I wonder what their motivation is in life, don’t you?

I know a woman that the world is happening to every day. I listened to her a lot for a while and heard her tell her story of how she was downtrodden, addicted, overwhelmed, treated poorly, and usually not able to make it without everyone helping her, but as I watched she used that to get things from people as though she was entitled to it, and they were expected to comply to a point that was nearly painful to watch. At one point I was listening to her spew it out to me and I finally laughed and retorted in a direct manner that really threw her off. Why? Because although she was special, so is everyone, no one above another (at least not very often).

I know another person that I talked to often and she was going through pure hell. I knew this because she was a friend of the family. She had medical problems, deaths in the family, and more irritation than any 10 people deserve coupled with zero income and still managed to cook for people and never drop a hint of a request, just a smile. 

We can say the differences are upbringing, or a dozen other reasons, but these two women both had a difficult time, but one overcame through positive means and every day was a fun adventure, while the other let the world keep on beating and came back swinging. I would like to think our positive person saw beyond the day to another day when things would be great, or at least she did not want to inconvenience other people, nor be lost in depression or self pity. She rose above, and made the world hers.

How it turns out, well that is a roll of the dice as well. I feel that if we are knocked down 100 times, we need to get up the 101st and keep on trying until we overcome. I know it is hard, but the payoff will be better because we earned it, and we will feel like we accomplish more, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, life may be a constant roll of the dice, but maybe we need to just play the game better. Maybe we need to find a way to smile in the face of fear, laugh in the face of adversity, and overcome, when no one seems to think we can. We should rely on ourselves first, and let others be influenced by our positive nature and if they help us, great, if not, great too, because we can do it. (Whatever it is)We can sit down at a table, roll the dice and come out ahead. We may not always win if we stay positive, but we will never lose. As for this day, even in the blech, the cool breeze is amazing, and the rumble of the thunder is peaceful in it’s own way.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…

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