The sun sets on another day…

It is always amazing living on the ocean or lake shore. The weather can change in an instant, going from beautiful to horrid to beautiful quickly and never leaving a trace as it shifts from one to the other. I find that where I live it is a roll of the dice to determine what the weather is, and often it is so wrong it is not even funny. This weekend was to storm and it was beautiful, and when it was to be clear it was foggy, then rainy, and , well, you get the idea.

My point is it is sometimes difficult to predict the weather from moment to moment, or even know what the weather is outside without a rock to look at. (Some of you will get the joke)

We have no weathermen in our life. Often we cannot tell when interacting with people when there will be a storm, or when it will be clear. With some people it is always smooth sailing, and with some it is a terrifying ride into the depths of amazement. Worse, with some it seems like smooth sailing and actually is ready to be the storm of the century, and with some it seems like a storm, but in the center it is pure calm. There are a lot of strange analogies, and the reality is that prediction is very difficult. If you count on the day being the same, or people being stable, well, it may be time to get a cabin in the woods alone.

I know someone who was once close the constantly stated their family to be close night and amazing, but I found out first hand that their family was being held by a thread, and any moment it might fall apart.  No one would have predicted it, but it eventually happened. I have also seen the storms that are actually not storms, but ways to find peace. It cannot be predicted, and is instead a flutter of the weather of the moment. 

A lot to consider.

So as the sun sets on another day, who knows what tomorrow will bring, or even this afternoon. All we can hope for is a good wind, and the sunset to sail by as it sets in the west, and warms our hearts. Take a moment, consider the future, then set it aside, today is what to live for, each and every day, and when tomorrow comes, it will be another great day because you have weathered the storm, and enjoyed every moment. There will be storms, there will be calm, but you decide what those mean, make them awesome, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile!

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