The sun sets on another day…

You know, sunset is pretty much in the same general area each day. (Duh)

There are borders we seem to have in life around everything we do. Borders that define who we are, what we can accomplish, where we can go, and how we can go there. Borders are everywhere, or are they? I spoke to someone recently about borders that probably understood that many borders are self inflicted. I considered the borders I had put in my life, and those borders I had overcome to be who I am working on becoming. Yes, I did say becoming, every day is a journey, and without borders we have an opportunity to grow, and learn, and live each day.

So how do we overcome our borders? I would like to think that the power to overcome is within each one of us, as each one of us has different self and external borders imposed on us. Our external borders are built by a myriad of items from other people, to physical liabilities. It is hard to consider these as borders as they are part of our being, but you cannot fit a giant into a smart car, and many of these borders are hard to overcome. (Unless I cut my legs off) An entire fleet of entries could be on the nuances of external borders imposed by others, but it would be messy, political, and con traversal. I will focus on that side another time.

Our self imposed borders are more focused, and more controllable. We impose borders on our self based on our fears, our insecurities (which are fears), and life experience that create doubt in us (Seems like fear too) and in the process create our own intimidating or sedate life, where our borders protect ourselves from fear, or perhaps just from ourselves. It is always interesting for me to talk to people who fear things or put up walls for things because of things they have never done, or fears they cannot explain. We have the power to overcome, we can take a step in the direction of freedom, if we want to take that step.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your borders, your self imposed borders, and determine a path out of them. I know, I know, it is always easy to hide, but isn’t life with living and being alive in? Isn’t it better to have tried to live than to have never lived at all? There are lots of in betweens of course, but the biggest gift we have been given is the ability to live, so why not live, today, tomorrow, and as passionately as we can, no matter what.

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