The sun sets on another day…

Excuse my overly verbose journey into a random world of directions. This week has been filled with special days, and more.

As we face west and twilight approaches we know we are facing west, because that is where the sun sets. To us it does not always seem to be the exact some place, mainly because it isn’t, but it is still west, and we can find ourselves because we know that the direction of the sun is east to west until the end of time (Or until the earth shifts on its axis, and that would be bad)

Sometimes in life we feel lost. Well, depending on who you are you may feel like you know where you are going, you may feel more lost than found, or you may feel like a lost and found department, or one of a hundred other emotions, but in general you may sometimes feel that things are not going exactly where you want them to go, or worse, you may feel like the sound in front of you as you drift down the river is a waterfall.

We cannot always know the way to go. There are so many paths and so many unknowns that mathematicians would be stuck in a room to the end of time trying to figure out what is happening in the next 10 minutes. As we are presented with opportunities we need to make the best choices for our lives, and for the lives of those around us.  We have a duty to just about everything in order to make good choices but what do we do?

Of course some people will point to letting faith or others make the decision. I have yet to find a faith where your inaction gets you anything but randomness. Faith in part means you must trust in a direction, but you need to do some of the work. Remember, not making a decision is a decision in itself, and if you are heading towards the waterfall and trust yourself to be saved, you better hope the beavers are busy and on your side.

Some people will say to choose the right path and you will never go wrong. Right and wrong can depend on the issues of the day or a particular point of view. So do you drive the speed limit and miss the big moment with your child on stage, or do you shatter the sound barrier to be early? Both are right and both are wrong. 

Some people will say you should just be happy, and it will work out. Often though your happiness may not be someone else’s happiness. Do you find a way to be happy at the expense of someone else? Tough question? Do you really know what you think will make you happy will make you happy?

I wish I had all the answers, I can say for certain that there is usually a path. Taking a path to me means getting your bearings and understanding the directions and the ramifications of each direction. Often cause and effect play a part in every moment and cause and effect problems may be complicated. Getting your bearings will give you a moment to determine if your way is the best way. How you determine your bearings will depend on you. Your “compass” may be anything from happiness, to religion, to a variety of other options but I suggest strongly you try to balance your compass and determine a path that will make life good, better, or best. Along the way remember that burning bridges will leave you lost on an island, so consider your path carefully before walking it. Remember most that you have to live with yourself. Build your life on truths. If you build it on falsehoods, or on lying about others, or hurting other people (well, unless the really deserve it), you may not be choosing a correct path.

Remember, Ask any West Michigan Weatherman how accurate forecasts are, and he will probably giggle or laugh. Ask someone how their life is going, and they will probably react, but how is it really going? If you are not sure, pause, get your bearings, and set a course and steer to it. Find your way to a happy life, and live every day to make it the best life ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, and love to the moon and back and the stars beyond…

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