The sun sets on another day…

Wow, sunset was amazing, and I thought it would be blocked by the clouds. As we waited a few more minutes we got another peek at the edge, and it was awesome!

After an online interaction I am again thinking about words and how we use them. I wrote about similar here and a lot more here.

Sometimes a single word can make a difference. It is why each of us should work hard to measure what we say, what we write, and what we infer each day. A moment in time can change a persons life forever, and as you do so you affect yourself equally.

I wrote once about how I affected someone else. It was tragic and I wish I could find her again and tell her how sorry I am. (It is the second link up top). Now a story on how I was affected by someone. At the start of high school I met a girl names Leslie. She was a nice young lady but she was friend to another girl named Ruth. I thought very highly of Ruth and still do to this day. (It is my grandmothers name as well). I was not very social and prior to moving to Lexington I had been in a number of classes meant for people who were “overachievers” for lack of a better word. The social interactions were far more cerebral and I did not understand as much about interactions as I did Math, Science, History, and Philosophy. Well, I had a habit of taking a shower each night as it made sense. I would then go to sleep after washing my hair, and because my hair is like thin wire, there would sometimes be interesting effects that caused mornings to be wetting a comb and trying to tame a dragon. On one such day I came to school and before school started Leslie stopped by her locker, 2 away from mine, and looked over and asked “Andrew, do you have lice?” then laughed and walked away. I went to the boys room and took my comb and soaked my head, then combed it out ’til it was once again in the realm of “ruly”, and changed my life forever.

Since that day over 40 years ago I take a shower in the morning and one at night. I rarely miss, if ever, but am sure each morning I start fresh, and each night I end fresh. A simple set of words that changed me for all time.

Now, that was minimal. Look around today. Watch the words fly. How do you think we are affecting each other with insults. We insult each other as if it is a world wide past time. People use words and terms they don’t understand and act as though they wrote the book on them. We annihilate anyone who dares think for themselves and are moving more and more towards hive mentality. All the while we do not consider the end result, and how we change others.

I remember a book and movie called “Quatermas and the Pit”. In the book DNA was introduced into many and it was activated at a specific time that made them kill those that did not fit the hive. It is a shame people did not read or see that movie.

Anyway, rant over, please be nice, understand your words are barbed and do stick.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was an amazing sunset. I enjoyed it and enjoy every moment I can each day. After all, if there is no tomorrow, are you happy with today? Strive to make every day amazing, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy…