Open the door…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets and in the moments between day and night, there is a moment. The moment is soft, and temperate, and give you a feeling that can be deemed almost incredible. To me, it is a moment of peace. It is in this moment that we can know a little silence and be open to peace. Free from all the inanity, we can feel for just a moment life the world is not engulfing everything we have become.

Of course it is not that way for everyone. We need to take a moment and open the door that allows us to feel the peace we desire. We need to open our hearts to peace to find peace.

It is not easy.

Sometimes people are a prisoner of their own creation. Sometimes they are lost in a darkness that never seems to end, but there is a light, and the light is peace if you let it be. It is always enlightening to see people watch the sun set. Some are oblivious, some are engaged, and some are just sitting for a moment, enjoying the time, not looking for a moments beginning, or a moments end. The open the door to something exciting, and take what is there.

Funny. Sometimes we open doors, sometimes we close them. Hopefully we leave a crack in case we want to get out. Maybe we should just keep moving forward, opening doors and making our lives better each day, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, doorways to peace, doorways to fun, doorways to happiness, should be opened and enjoyed! Doorways are the way to the next and the next. As you watch the sunset, be open to peace, and find a way to be happy each and every day. After all, the reason you are not happy is your reason, and you can change it if you want to, so there.

Sleep sweet, wish upon a star, and love to the moon and back…


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