Connecting the dots…

The sun sets on another day…

If you draw a straight line from east to west and take a long picture, the sun will connect the dots across the sky. Connect the dots is an amazing game where you can’t see a picture, until you connect everything. In connect the dots, the lines are never straight, and no matter how you squint you can’t see the end picture until some of the dots are drawn.

In life we play connect the dots constantly. Communication can paint a small picture but often you cannot see the complete picture until all the lines are drawn, communication being the marker. After all, as each of us are the sun of our experiences, and I am not sure of any two people who have had the same experiences, there is a level of communication necessary for any small group to make a picture today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

We need to consider this as we go through life. Our opinions of a situation are a simple connect the dots game, and we will not have a clear picture until we communicate enough to draw the lines. sometimes this is very obvious, sometimes we need to look closely and see more, to see the bigger picture. We do, however, have the opportunity every day to make our lives happy as we uncover this amazing picture and as we become more and more in tune with ourselves.

I have found in my life that jsut when you think you know a full picture, the picture changes, because not everything is as it seems. This may happen, but we need to take a moment and make the best of each and every second we have, enjoying our lives to the highest level we can and making today more than just another day. We need to make today something special.

So as the sun sets on another day there is a picture drawn all around you when you are interacting with other people. It may be a great picture and it may be a wonderful picture, but you need to uncover it by drawing the lines on the dots of communication, and finding a way to see the whole picture, not just part of it. Along the way, let’s take a moment, and have some fun. After all, the world is an amazing place and we build our vision into a reality. Make today the best day it can be, and love people along the way, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love to the moon and back….

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