A feeling of more…

The sun sets on another day…

Today the sun was so bright the water sparkled like a million diamonds. The moments were nearly painful as I watched the sky dutifully, and watched people interact. It was not just light, but an exercise in passion and power put on by the sun as it crossed the sky, second by second. (The dancing girl at the lighthouse  was funny)

It is a dilemma.

Sometimes we just feel. 

As I watch each sunset I can feel a tear in my eye as I am not just watching, but becoming a part of the beauty around me.

How then is it when you feel overwhelmed by a person? How is it when you have an overwhelming feeling so strong it brings a tear to your eyes?

For you today, in the growing number of people who read this small thing daily, I wish you can find someone who has more passion for you than you think you feel daily, who believes in you more than anything, and who puts no boundaries on you or themselves in you relationship. 


First, I must say this small list is not the only list in a relationship. There are ups and downs, ins and outs and a bunch of stuff that makes people align. That being said, if someone has more passion than you, it is probably the same with you. Why? Because if you are the one who recognizes the passion and you see more in them, they see it in you as well. If you don’t see it, they don’t and so on. I can suggest that you never let passion die, never set it aside, and never wait til tomorrow unless it is absolutely necessary.

Second, having someone who believes in you is a great feeling. Do they support you in all that you do, do they lift you up when you are down, they should. At the end of the day we should be on pedestals built by a relationship that works. Sure, there will be bad days, but we should always be able to count on our closest friends and those we are in a relationship with over anyone else in our life to lift us up always. As they are lifting us that need to be truthful and help us find our way, but always positively.

Third, boundaries are for casual friends. If it is time to dress up in a tutu, well, maybe there are some limits, but there should not be. If you sit back and say you don’t want to do something, consider why, and if someone drives you away from something, consider why. Always question, never blindly accept. Keep pushing each day for more and giving more and a better and more satisfying relationship will develop. Never consider anything a waste of time, enjoy talking, living, and loving. Do so every moment you can each day.

Yeah yeah, who am I to say. I am nobody special, but I have been in some good relationships, and some that were not so good. I have also been in some great relationships that just ended, and some bad that became pretty good. I have felt a million emotions when someone went well past where expected, and I have felt the disappointment when I felt alone. I am not an expert, but I do suggest from some experience and the experience of talking too much to everyone and listening more. You can look at these suggestions not necessarily as rules, but guidelines that might work if the world were a perfect place, or you can just look at today’s picture, smile, and move on, laughing at the idea that you should be treated as well as you can be. I am happy either way. I will be happier if you are happy.

So as the sun sets on another day. No one can make you happy, that is your choice. You cannot make anyone happy, that is their choice. In a relationship, whether romantic or otherwise the best path is the path of giving all you can, and hoping for the same in return. Sometimes it may be time to reconsider, and sometimes it may be time to just keep growing, but pay attention, and love as strong and as hard as you can, no matter what.

Sleep sometimes, feel deeply, and press for passion, always…




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