Jumping the waves…

The sun sets on another day…

Through the lens of a camera the world is a different place. Sometimes it is wide and amazing, and sometimes it is narrow. It just depends on the focus of the lens and how you use the camera. When you pic a subject, the subject itself sometimes tells a story through your lens, and those are the best pictures.

Tonight I was sitting at the beach and instead of injecting myself into the waves and milling through people I sat at the back of the dune and watched. People were laughing, and singing, and moving to the grooving, and I was enjoying the entire scene. There was even a sense of frolic in the air as several groups played furiously, and one lit a birthday candle on a cupcake for a small child while they sang happy birthday, then I watched the light go out, blown out by a child’s breath

This time I watched, and settled upon two people at the beach, jumping the waves.

Now, jumping the waves on a lake may seem easy, but the waves can ebb and flow and be quite unpredictable. In fact I have seen waves on Lake Michigan that could swallow a person and spit out bones. This night the waves were calm and the two people were able to jump them each time they approached. From my vantage point far behind them I smiled, because they did not know when the waves would come, but they eventually got there, and the people simply jumped and had fun. The trick was, they were prepared for the waves and laughed with the waves, not against them.

Next to them a young couple was taking pictures and the boy took a picture of the girl as she turned to him and away from the waves, and I watched and giggled a little as a big wave slapped her hard and nearly knocked her over. 

In my opinion, in life we are always or should always be jumping the waves. Why? Because every day something will come at us and we can pay attention and jump the waves, or we can almost, or completely get knocked over. Whether it is relationship, or a hundred other things our lives are sometimes a series of waves that try so hard to make our life harder, and all we have to do is watch closely, and then jump the wave. 


Well, in life each wave may be different, and some may be rough, but if you take the time to see it coming at you, ready yourself, get positioned, and then jump as high as you can you will miss the worst of it. (If it is a huge wave, well, oops, but this works most of the time)

So as the sun sets on another day. Watch the waves come at you. Be ready for them. Don’t worry about it, but be aware, and when they come, jump forward, and miss it if you can. Then get ready for the next one and enjoy every moment in between. It is worth it, and it may just make life a fun adventure each and every day.

Sleep sweet, love passionately, and ride the waves, no matter what…

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