The sun sets on another day…

You can count on the sun setting, always. You can count on the sun rising, always. Can you count on seeing the sun each day, well, er, uh, maybe not.

There are lots of things we can count on in life, but there are some things that we know are there, but may be a bit of an upset, or even (gasp) a disappointment.  It is hard to predict the more complex things get. The sunset, for example, is pretty complex, but the rules are there, and it is just going to happen unless a bigger rule comes into play. Things like people thinking the same way or a variety of other items may not be as forthright, instead they may be downright difficult.

Consider going  to the store. It is predicable, but on the way the tire pops, you meet a friend, get a phone call or get hungry, and your expected times may change. This does not mean you don’t go to the store, it is just not according to plan.

With relationships it is even more complex. One persons set in stone is often another persons less important, and getting things to align can be harder than herding a pack of white kittens in a snowstorm. The solution may be simple, do the best you can do, and go the distance you can, and hope someone meets you at least half way. If you are lucky, they will be well on their way, and you yours and you will align perfectly, if not, keep trying. 

Now I am not saying always is always, but it can be if people just listen, and try to meet in the middle, and then maybe there can always be some type of solution. If it goes either way too far, well, there’s always barber college. (It’s a joke, if you don’t get it, watch “RoadHouse”.

So as the sun set son another day, always sounds great, strive for always with friends, make always happen with family, and press for always with special people, well, umm, always. Make the world a fun place, pay attention, and live for your dream, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dance like a centipede, and sing like a banshee, each and every day…


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