The sun sets on another day…

The sun goes on and on, oblivious to us all, the damage it causes, or the joy it brings are both meaningless to its existence. It simply continues, day by day.

Yes, I watched a movie tonight. I had another post ready and it will come tomorrow, or the next day, but this post reminded me of the past, and foresaw a future. If you don’t like silly emotional rants, well, stop reading. If you do or are just morbidly curious, read on.

I have not been a choir boy in my life. I would say “The Shadow” was a correct and apt approach to crime fighting as “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, The shadow knows…and now the tough part, for he has seen that evil in himself and overcome it. I can identify. It is an interesting thought. If we have evil in us, how do we overcome it, and if we perchance miss, how do we forgive ourselves.

Years ago I pressed an envelope and sought out many people I had wronged. I told each I was sorry, and some forgave me, some did not. This uncovered several lessons to me,

Lesson 1: Just because you are ready to be forgiven, does not mean you will be forgiven.

I found rapidly that I was not seeking forgiveness, but acceptance. I was so busy looking one way I did not see the other. The other being I had to be ready to forgive myself before I could forgive anyone else.

Lesson 2: Forgiveness starts with you.If you can forgive yourself you are well on your way to being forgiven.

Well, that is usually true. I, at some points, was not truly aware of what I had done. As such I could not see the depth of my effect. Like the young woman that said “do you have lice?” to me so many years ago when my hair was clean, but I had slept on it, well you have to understand the impact you are having and what you did.

Lesson 3: Make sure you know why you want to be forgiven.

I had someone call me years ago and ask for forgiveness for breaking my trust. When I asked what they did, they had no clue, even though the answer was in front of them all the time. I sit back now considering each day “why in the world someone would put themselves through that if they did not think they did anything wrong?” Inside, I think we all know what we did if we are asking for forgiveness.

Lesson 4: Own it. 

I talked to someone else years and years ago and they were destroying themselves living in a cycle of self destruction. They were so certain they were the worst person in the world they were willing to destroy their lives to make up for it.  They were lost in a moment that hurt, but could be forgiven if they would have realized, well, it was over. Every year on July 24th I consider how many bad things I have done, and work hard to let go.

Lesson 5: Let go.

You know, I am no amazing over the top expert, but the last item that just rolled out of my head seems to be the most important. It has been said many times no matter where you go, there you are. If we are there we are only responsible for how we see the world. Others may see things as good or bad, but it is how we see it that counts, how we feel it that counts, how we know it that counts. Perhaps we need to realize that the world is finite, and so are we. Getting lost in a never ending cycle of despair is not good for us, or the world. Getting lost in despair is just, well, bad. I am sure there are hundreds of other steps that Doctor Phil or a dozen other famous people will say, and I could be wrong, after all, I am not perfect. I can forgive myself for things I have done, things I will do, and all that is in between. Not because it is always right, but because I try to do the right thing.

So as the sun sets on another day, I know at least one person I have talked to that is saying “Good lord, you are blabbing, I told you I read these because they are quick” but after thinking about this for a while, I just got carried away. Find a way, forgive yourself, and forgive those who have wronged you if you can. Try hard, and try to make the world a better place by being that person that stays positive not because of what the world does or says, but in spite of it.

Sleep sweet, dream awesomely, and remember the good things in life, no matter what…


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