One more step…

The sun sets on another day…

This morning I traveled an hour or so away for a craft fair. The idea was to sell books, calendars, and enjoy a few moments with other people. The setup was quick and easy as I had 1 title and the 2018 29000 sunsets calendar (Available here by clicking the link up top). As always I started talking right away and there were of course some people I knew, but a lot I did not know. It was slow, and as the doors opened a woman walked in and began cursorily looking over the different tables, crafts, including some amazing wood products, knitted items, a few used items and as she came over by where the authors were I said “Good morning”.

Now those of you who know me know I can be a little over the top, it was a solid good morning with nothing else on the side, no inferences, no strange crackly laugh, nor fiery indignation indicated a prevailing sermon to follow, it was a good morning like I have said to thousands upon thousand of people each day. As the “g” of good morning slid out of my mouth this woman looked up and said tersely, “Please stop”. Then looked away and kept walking giving no one the time of day nor acknowledging anyone’s existence besides her own.

I sat for a moment considering. “Please stop.” Please stop breathing? Please stop talking? Please stop being happy at all? Please stop the world I want to get off?

I considered it for a moment and of course, brushed it off and laughed my head off, but the idea of coming to a public place, with at least 70 vendors looking to sell something who have given up their time, their very souls sometimes to bring some type of goods or happiness to someone besides themselves was maddening. Why? Simple, I think the “Thumper” method is valid. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

It does not matter if you are 7 or 70, you have no right to ever try to bring anyone down to a lower level of life. You have no right, period. By that some token I have no right to try to bring everyone up, but I do it as an option, not as a demand. If a person does not want to interact with people, or be around people, it is a good time to stay home, otherwise, at least civility is a good option. Now of course I was in a good mood so I did not explain that to her in front of a crowd of people, but perhaps I should have. 

In the end it did not matter. the people around me were amazing and fun including another writer, a person selling rocks, a person selling crystals, and a several more who made the day more than complete. As the day went on it was the young lady with the crystals that was the exact opposite of the morning older woman. She was facing difficult times and frustrations, yet she did not do less than smile, and enjoy every moment. Giving every potential customer respect and positive encouragement every moment she interacted with them. This was a person that deserves success as she was driven to make everyone around her comfortable, the truest definition of  a lady. (Lady:a woman of refinement and gentle manners) She did not stop at being good, she always took one more step, went one inch further, her goal to be the best she could be, and she made good jewelry too! I was so impressed I bought a stone from her that twinkles in the light. It was awesome. (I also bought a bumble from another vendor, because bumbles are awesome!

So as the sun sets on another day, who are you? Are you the person trying to go one more step to be better, or trying to trip someone else and make yourself feel better? Are you the person who will make the world a better place by your existence, or will you walk through life wondering. I suggest, you find a way to take your life to the limit, and be as positive and as driven as you can be any day, and be remembered as the person who never gave up.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it!



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