A chair at the window…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset tonight was breathtaking. The waves intense, the colors nearly overwhelming as the clouds were bathed in glowing red shining fiery like a kaleidoscope. The reflections from the shore as the waves ebbed and flowed was equally as intense as the glassy surface over the sand desperately tried to grasp as the colors, only to have them washed away by yet another wave.

As I watched I got out of the truck and snapped a few pictures, then a few more, then looked to the row of cars and watched people look out their windows, and watch the sun set, peaceful and blissfully patient as the sun was slowly devoured by the western sky.

I considered, so I wrote this:

I sit in the chair waiting for the world, and chair that waits for me
I watch the world pass and wait for a day when there is more for me to see
I watch as the world passes beyond and make me feel so well
I watch and I wait and the world goes by to fast for me to tell

I look and I see and I feel all around and I see what is meant to see
I see the world feel and feel the world see and know it I meant for me
I laugh and I cry as I see time go by as I try hard to tell
That the world goes on and I feel for the world and hope it all does well

My question today is are you the one sitting in the chair watching, the one out there pressing the envelope, or the person wondering why I reverse the rhymes in a weird pattern in that short poem? If you are the one in the chair watching, I hope you find the courage to step out of the chair, or have someone step to you, and live today like never before. If you are the one living, that is super, keep living and loving and enjoying life, if you are the one who wants to see me well and tell, well, have fun with that, and enjoy the moments each and every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, why not look at the sunset, and live it, enjoy it, and hold it in your heart not just for today, but for every day, and tomorrow add another, and another until you are overwhelmed by beauty and have no choice to share it, it could be the difference we all need.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…

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