Press pause…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun is relentless on its journey, or we are relentless more like as we travel around the sun. The sun seems to travel around the sky as we patiently and pointedly watch the rise and sun in such wonderment. there is no pause, no stop, no short break, just the progression from the brilliant light of day to the edge of night, to darkness once more.

We get a little more luxury in life. sometimes we can pause if only for a moment and take stock of the world, perhaps to see a little more, and perhaps to see a lot more, but in the end, we can pause, and reflect.

Reflection is a good thing. Considering how you are in the world and how you affect the world gives you the ability to consider more options, and to determine how you wish to approach life. Sometimes a moment is all we need, and sometimes we need a bit more. In the end, a moment of reflection can allow us the ability to see beyond ourselves and into a picture we truly needed to see.

Huh, a picture we need to see, perhaps a sunset, or perhaps just a moment we can reflect on as the world plays around us again.

So as the sun sets on another day, I know this post may seem confusing, but I ask simply that you pause, and reflect for a moment, not on this entry, but on you, your life, and how you can be better each day. I ask that you pause, and in pausing become more and when tomorrow comes embrace it with the massive enthusiasm it deserves, and make it your day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moment, and when you see what you want, I hope it is yours…

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