Bouncy balls and Hot Wheels…

The sun sets on another day…

Seven days. It sounds ominous. It is almost like a little girl in a well will come get us just for saying it, but no, that is just silly. We pay attention to each day, and now more than ever, at least here in the united states, many people are whispering to themselves, seven days.

So what, huh? So what?? Well, I will tell you what, this is the season for fun, for games, for family, for excitement, for wonderful gifts and thousands of gift cards, it is a time for bouncy balls and Hot Wheels, and the moments they open for us all. I have to take a  second and ask why.  Why? There it is, why can’t every month have Christmas, or every week Hanukkah, why can’t every morning be blessed with the fire of valentines day, and why not every night as well? Why can’t veterans day be every day to honor those who give so much, and get so little. Why can’t children have bouncy balls and hot wheels each and every day, and not just in a stocking on Christmas?

Dumb questions, but as I point out a lot, if we only have 29000 sunsets, why are we wasting any? We should take a moment each day and smile, and take each second and make it one to remember. Waiting until tomorrow, next week, next month or even just 7 days is not enough, we need to go over the top and make each day a day that will make us shudder with delight, and make our memories cool and crisp and amazing.

Yes, this sounded like a silly rant, perhaps I always do, but today there are 7 days left, tomorrow 6 and then 5, and what is our excuse for not making each of these days that day, that day that makes our world more than it was before.

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s take a second and think about the next seven days. Perhaps we can make them awesome, or amazing, or astounding, but mostly, lets make them special, and if we can make the next 7 days special, lets take it further and make it 14, (maybe about 850 to 860) and then beyond so the world can see, or at least someone can see, each day is an adventure, if only you make it one.

Sleep sweet, smile, and laugh all you can…

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