It’s the giving…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun gives to us always, and today it gave us sunshine and an almost warm day, well, warm enough to turn the snow to ice.

Five days before Christmas, and all through the house, eeek! People are running around like crazies because they can’t order online anymore!

It is always amazing to me how much people get tied up in the gift, and forget to realize that it is the giving that counts. I am a person at least that likes to give, perhaps too much. That being said, it is always a nice thing to give rather than receive, and it is even better sometimes to gives something from the heart, and not necessarily (What is behind curtain number 3?) a NEW CAR! (Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. 

Of course, it would be nice to have that new car given to us, so maybe it is all just fun and games for Christmas, and we are having a little fun. I hope in the end, that each and every one of us enjoys this day. A long time ago, in a galaxy, well, right here, I got a little sister from the doctor, and it was fun for a while (Well, most of the time). Enjoy what you are given, enjoy giving, hey, just enjoy the day and have a lot of fun.

So as the sun sets on another day, give if you can, receive if you can, and laugh all the time you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and give your heart…


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