Cloudy with a chance of…

The sun sets on another day…

So, tonight as I drove and tried to find a place to pull over with the minimal time I had left before the west ate the sun like a nutter butter cookie, I stopped. Well, I didn’t stop the truck as it may have been a major issue if dozens of cars plowed into the back of me and I went on, but I did stop mentally, and peered over at a small unreachable area I pass often, and committed the picture to my mind.

The spot is off the highway and there is a vivid view of a march then a lake. Multiple lakes converge behind the initial lake, or perhaps it is just the same connected and interconnected by marshy grades. Tall grass stands proudly outside of the marshy grass, and the water, if it were not solid as a rock, separates all of the areas causing a mirror like reflection on the surface from the light of the sun. It is quite stunning as the evening falls, mainly because it is quite stunning, and nothing more.

As I considered this I also considered the possibility that it was worth it just to see the sunset, and though it made me sad not to make the sunset part of my collection, there were plenty that were not, and it was quite OK. 

Sometimes we just have to stop and say there is a chance of something, but if it doesn’t happen, well, we just need to go on. That special sunset, the special moment, the raise, the million dollars from the lottery, those are always things we would want, but in the end we just need to realize, it is chance. Chance can be a bitter pill or an amazing friend, but in the end, it is still chance. In the end, it is not predictable, any more than where the clouds in the sky will be in just a  few moments.

So as the sun sets on another day, when chance comes calling, well, take the clouds and the fair skies, the storms and the sun and enjoy them all the same, for Nietzsche was right, that which does not kill us makes us stronger, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, have some pie, and don’t forget the whipped cream…

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