Just for a spin…

The sun sets on another day…

Around and around the world goes, where it stops, no one knows, well, I bet it will not stop at all. I bet each day we will have a sunrise and a sunset, and at the end of it all, well, there will still be a sunrise and a sunset.

So let’s consider, the world has been around a little. I will not debate how long as the interesting people come out of the woodwork, but it has been around for a little. As we consider each day what is it that defines the day, is it something wonderful and amazing, sublime and less than perfect, or is it just you?

It seems like a semi tough question, but maybe it isn’t tough at all. Maybe just maybe the only person that takes your life for a spin is you. Why in the world would I think something like this? Easy, you define what the world means to you, and no one else can do that.

So a guy walks into a car dealership and asks to take a new corvette for a drive. He explains he loves the car and has only had the old ones. The salesman is stoked, and happy. He checks the mans credit and wow, this guy can buy the car so he lets him take the car. Minutes go by, then a lot of minutes then over an hour and the car comes back into the lot on a wrecker and it is a mess. The man looks at the salesman and says, “I am sorry, the car was defective.”

The salesman says, “What happened?”

The man tells the story, “Well, I drove off the parking lot with your new no clutch stick shift transmission in start, and I started up real good until I got to the first light. Well, as I waited another car pulled up and started revving his engine and we knew we were going to race. The light turns green and I take it from N to S for start again and bow does it start, I jump off the line and we are flying, so it starts winding out so I put it into L for Leave, and boy did I leave, and I was really beating this guy but he kept coming up, so I threw the car into D for Drag, and I was cooking, we were running those cars up and geez it was super fast. So he was still keeping up so I threw it into R for race, and the car just fell apart. Maybe you should send it back to get one that isn’t defective?”

The salesman stood with his mouth open.

So, as the sun sets on another day, the man was right. He defined the world and did the best he could, but he was maybe not right, but he pressed the envelope and lived every moment as the best moment it can be. Well, maybe not the best joke, but I like that joke and have loved it for a long log time. My point is, take the world for a spin, and enjoy the moments, make it your own, and love all you can no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and R is for Race!


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