A different lens…

The sun sets on another day…

Today was a day with a myriad of different items abounding across the landscape. The skies were warm and inviting for some time, then changed into a light snow, followed by deep snow falling on the trees and once again flocking them for a Christmas that is so long away. Each moment we have a choice to once again see this as good, bad, indifferent or something else.

It is the something else we should usually look at. Why? Well, to me it is easy, perhaps to you as well. We just need to use a different lens.

It is easy to be negative, and think bad thoughts. It is always easier to go down the negative path. In movies they recognize it and people are consumed by the bad. If you think about it it really is a poor way to go, but somehow negative actions always end up bad for the guy or girl being negative. For me, bad decisions have always ended badly. Plain and simple. Sometimes bad rears its head and we have to acknowledge it and move with it, but we don’t have to fully embrace it.

Indifferent rarely works, we have to know that not making a decision is a decision, and usually it is a decision independent of who we are and who we can be. When we are indifferent, well, the world may go right, or may go very wrong, but we will not have a say, so we really need to set that aside and decide some way forward. If we are indifferent, we embrace nothing.

It is also easy to always see the good. The good is good (duh) but it may well be more than good sometime, and going down the good path all the time may mean we are not doing the right thing. Sometimes, we have to acknowledge bad, and maybe even embrace it.

I used the word embrace a few times here. It was important. We do not simply live our lives, we embrace them, and if you do not embrace everything, well, you are running up a tree without your parachute. We embrace to be sure of ourselves, and we should embrace to be behind and truly believe in what we do. We cannot just live, or decide, we need to embrace our lives, lest we forget how precious they are o us and all of those around us. The something else is truly embracing who we are and the decisions we make, no matter how good, or bad they are, and staying out of the indifferent alley. 

We need to look at my day again. I saw a myriad of different things, but each thing I saw helped me grow. I could have seen the warm skies as bad as I was cleaning in the house all day, but instead I saw them as inviting and something to rejoice in and I embraced the day. The light snow was a heralding call of “Oh no, more snow” and I could have been frustrated or angry, but there will be a good picture from this snow. The heavy snow may have been irritating, but I embrace it as time to put on the snowsuit and play Frisbee with the dog. Instead of looking at how bad or how great, I embrace the moment, and make it mine and you can as well!

So as the sun sets on another day, today has been something else, but we are good with it, or bad with it, but whatever we are, we enjoy the moments we can, and embrace our day. We have no one to blame but ourselves each day, and no moment beyond this one is guaranteed. Let’s make it the best it can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile brightly, and walk like an Egyptian. 


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