Perspectives of a day…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun set this evening was stunning. Colors were again all over the depths of the skies, and reflected on melting snow and ice crystals randomly scatter on the landscape. Yes, it was beautiful, and yes, I could not stop and get the picture I wanted.

I am sure many people watched the sunset this evening and thought a great many different things. Some were amazed and felt as though they were part of something greater. Some may have been stunned by the appearance of another sunset. Some may have been oblivious to the sunset and did not even notice it was setting save for a loss of light. There too may have been some who were saddened by the sunset and were sorry to see it go and possibly even a few irritated that the sunset was happening, because it blinded them or made them feel something lost in translation.

Interesting, yes, but in reality it was the same sunset. No more, no less for anyone from anywhere close, we saw the sun set, and we may have had a different perspective.

I have written similar here, but my point today is we do not always see eye to eye. 

I try to listen and learn from everyone and I wish everyone would try to stop and listen to each other. In our lives, and in our world we can all see something beautiful or something terrible and have so many different opinions. These are born of our past and our translations of the past in how we see anything. A special moment may make us feel something many times after it happens. A sad moment can linger as well, and so it goes until we become not creatures of logic or reason, but creatures bound by our own past, or do we?

We have a choice. Stop and listen, and don’t listen to discount, listen to hear, and understand how a sunset can be wonderful and eye opening, stunning, sublime, sad, sorrowful or irritating at the same time.

I wish for a moment everyone could see the world through the eyes of anyone who just paid attention, and in the process open their mind for a moment. I think you would like the sunset you saw.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find it happy. I hope you see all the things I see. As you experience the moment, realize you are not alone and hold on to life a little more. Me, I will remember a lot of sunsets. From those over the Kentucky river, to those is parks, from sunset on the water, in the water and over the water, to sunsets in high towers. I will remember all those and many more, and I will hold on to the good ones in my life. I hope you do as well, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live well, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…

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