The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the sun pass from the sky through the clouds I saw the myriad of intersections going on, and as I looked around, I saw even more as I made note of the dozens watching with me. Sometimes the sunset brings us together, and sometimes it links far more.

This weekend was a series of intersections. People I have seen, people I have not seen and people I had never seen before. It always amazes me how we can be so close, yet sometimes so far. A series of moments combining to create a single moment. I talked to people I had not seen in many years, and laughed with them for a while. Somewhere along the way I talked about a past from long ago, and remembered a time when I was only four years old where I intersected with someone else. These times and discussion are always more than interesting.

In life we are a series of intersecting days, hours, minutes, seconds and moments. The depth of who we are sets us up to be more and experience more by being around other people and things. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it is less than perfect, but always it is a time for growth. Even at our worst the days are awesome if we consider how many people we meet. Even the less than perfect people allow us room to make life better, and less than perfect may be perfect in their own way if we only look for a minute longer. (Yeah yeah, or not)

I have been thankful always for the number of wondrous people I have met, and the unique effect they have had on my life. All I ask is just consider if someone out there has made your life a little better, and consider even those that are not perfect, and how they might have given you a unique vision of the world, and a unique vision of tomorrow.

So as the sun sets on another day, where have you been today? Where have you gone? Who have you met and how have they made your life a little better? Find that special eye to see past what other see, and see the world as a place you can learn from all experiences, not just the ones in front of you. Find a way, and make your days even better each day, no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it!



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