Just five minutes please…

The sun sets on another day…


Sometimes the sunset is just breathtaking, as in it takes your breath away. Sometimes it is striking, and sometimes it is just wow. Hence the wow. 

In the chaos that is often our world now it is hard to fathom a moment of peace. A moment where you can just sit in the sun, drink a few drinks of your favorite beverage and relax as the wind and sun play across you. We all seem to have virtually unlimited chaos running around us, and we all seem to be waiting for that chaos to abate occasionally. It is up to us to put up a big ole flag and say, “Stop” and take a few minutes sometimes. How about 5? We can enjoy just 5 minutes can’t we? We can enjoy those few minutes and laugh a little, cry a little, live a little, smile a little, right? We just need to do that sometimes.

Let someone watch the baby for a second, let someone else make breakfast, someone else turn on the sprinkler, someone else laugh for a sec, just let someone else do it for a moment and take those five minutes,. Make them yours, find the peace you deserve in those five minutes and they will seem to last a lifetime, and in the process, find a moment to think about how great you are. It is worth it you know.

So as the sun sets on another day, make the sign, just five minutes please. Make the world yours. Find a way for the world to be a better place with yuo in it, and find a little peace, no matter what/

sleep sweet, love life, and wow…


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