Drip drip drippin along…

The sun sets on another day…

The rain falls steadily and there seems to be no end, but it does. The sun shines brightly and pounds down upon us but it too moves to the west and becomes a blossoming sunset. Just when we think there is no end, the end comes and night falls.

Now, don’t think for a moment this is a negative post. It isn’t, instead it is to look at how some things come to an end. This includes the meaning of 29000 sunsets, what if we only had 29000 and we were at 28999? I know I know, 29000 seems like a lot, but we really have no guarantees. There is no surety in tomorrow and if we keep messing up today, well, tomorrow isn’t likely to be better. (That is pretty funny now that I think about it)

It seems like we all need to just keep drip drip drippen along and enjoying every moment we can, even the semi wet ones. We need to make sure that nothing stops our excitement about life, and like the itsy bitsy spider, we can climb back up the waterspout, even when it has washed us down.

I like it!

So as the sun sets on another day, well, I am not an itsy bitsy spider, but I will not stop until the moment I see my last sunset, I will squeeze every moment out of life and maybe a few more. I hope I can take all of you with me. We can keep pushing and enjoy life, and as a once super friend always said, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, keep on keepin on, and love life…



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