Digging a hole…

The sun sets on another day…

The air was alive last night and tonight. Even in the rain there was a glimmer of light, then darkness. Suddenly there was something I had not seen in some time. The fireflies were out, and lighting up the night. All the while I was taking my time, digging a hole.

You know, digging a hole can be good or bad. Some people think of a hole as an absence of something. A gaping maw into somewhere else. A hole can let you lose things from your pocket. Some people can leave a hole in your heart and you can suddenly feel as though the world is missing a little. A hole can be bad in a boat, or good in a bathtub. A  Coke without a hole is a paperweight, with a hole it is a tasty drink you can have with a Royale. A hole can be a lot of things, but it in itself is neither positive or negative.

To me, it is a positive as I fix a problem that was made by someone else. I dig a hole so water can go somewhere else, and in the process, I enjoy the exertion. A hole for me is as much of a destination as it is a piece of work, and something to enjoy along the way. At least for now. 

What is your hole? Is it something good or something bad? Is it the wonderful feeling of finding a way to let go of pain and sorrow, or is it a hole in your heart that let’s out the good stuff inside? Take a moment, consider, find a way, and let’s see if you can’t make your hole a good thing, and let go of all the bad stuff. For me, I will make my hole a way to keep water from gathering, and enjoy the sunset along the way.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find a way to enjoy today, enjoy the moment, and enjoy whatever you are doing, even if it is digging a hole.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the fireflies…

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