Music is for the soul…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun beat down upon us all, but the music played and the sun eventually set. 

There is a great beauty in music, but a varied beauty in air conditioners. Music lifts us up and shows us an option for a better way and well, air conditioners, well, they keep us cool, or break. When they break, ooops, it can be a rather warm day. 

Anyway, I am more interested in the soul.

I see so many people lost in the music and they can do it in the heat or in the rain, or even in a house with a  broken air conditioner. Today I watched two people lost in music and it seemed to draw them together. I thought of so many movies where the music plays, and suddenly only two people exist, and it is just them and the music. It is there, in the middle of the music and the soul that I think love finds a way in to us. I may be wrong, and it may be just one of many ways, but it sure seemed to work for the people I saw today.

Oh well.

So as the sun sets on another day, this post is purposefully short as I have an issue to deal with. So I hope you have an amazing night and I will catch up tomorrow.

Sleep sweet, love, and live for love…

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